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CBD Revives proudly presents its premium range of Broad-Spectrum CBD Products (both flavored and unflavored). But before anything, we would like to tell you what the hell broad-spectrum actually means!

Yeah, we know most CBD companies have these labels “Full-Spectrum”, “Broad-Spectrum”, and “Isolate” but no one really bothers to explain what they mean.

So, we thought of breaking the ice and equipping our dear audience with this knowledge. This way, they can make a fully informed decision (because knowledge is power) when it comes to CBD oils.

Spectrum is a cute word used instead of a “cannabinoid profile” (we will explain that another time). There are three major profiles,

  • Isolate

  • Broad- Spectrum

  • Full- Spectrum

Broad-Spectrum is more of the middle ground, while originally a full-spectrum oil with every beneficial cannabinoid and terpenes, it goes through a unique refinement process that gets rid of the THC content, making it easy for buyers as there are no restrictions like Full-spectrum oil.

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