Is CBD right for me

A First-Time Buyer’s Guide

Is CBD Oil Right for Me?

Have you seen “Pineapple Express”?

It’s a bromance movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco (sort of like “The Interview”), but the story wasn’t about an Asian Dictator. Instead, it was based on Marijuana and two friends (a dealer and his buyer).

Spoiler Alert!

Seth’s character is always smoking a joint and firmly believes there is no valid reason behind the marijuana ban (this movie was released back in 2008). The movie opened up in a military bunker (back in the 1940s for some reason) where the army is conducting experiments on marijuana and testing it on a soldier (basically making him smoke a joint to see how he reacts).

Regardless to say, the poor soldier (Bill Hader btw!) gets high and starts talking smack, for which the project head (a tough as nail General) orders his execution and bans marijuana forever (cliché).

Fast-forward to 2008, Seth is driving to work and talks to some guy on the radio about the benefits of marijuana (Seth is high) and says he will lose faith in humanity if marijuana isn’t legalized in the next 5 years!

Well, Thanks to Former President Barrack Obama, Marijuana and its products are legal across several states now. Thank You Sir! the history shall remember you for it, and for “Obama Care” (*Cough* Sorry).

Will CBD Products Make Me High?

Truth be told, “Marijuana” does make you high!

Seth’s girlfriend breaks up with him because of his addiction to marijuana, but that’s not the point here. We are going to explain why CBD Oil (or other products) won’t make you high.

Marijuana Makes You High, Period!

Cannabis plant aka marijuana (weed or grass) call it whatever you want is technically a “Schedule 1 Drug”, and these drugs are defined by three criteria:

  • The drug has great potential for being abused

  • It has no medical value or use in treatments within the US

  • There are safety concerns about the drug and its substance especially under medical supervision

Prescriptions are prohibited for Schedule 1 Substances, and they are subjected to production quotas, imposed by the DEA.

The DEA has is own interpretation of CSA (Controlled Substances Act):

“A drug shouldn’t only have “High Potential for Abuse” to qualify as Schedule 1 Substance. Under the light of the second criteria, we can dispute based on the fact that marijuana has medical uses, which can null its status as a Schedule 1 Drug if the addictive content is filtered out.”


So, Why Won’t CBD Products Make You High?

Marijuana, Weed, and Cannabis all belong to Cannabis Sativa. This plant has several by-products (let’s go with this analogy) and following we shall name the 2 most popular ones:

CBD (Cannabidiol): It’s a major active ingredient in the hemp plant that won’t make you high (it’s not psychoactive). Instead, this is the ingredient (Good Stuff) that grants marijuana its medicinal benefits. CBD was discovered back in1940 and is extracted from the plant so users can reap its benefits without getting stoned, making it completely safe and legal.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): This is the psychoactive compound, the stuff that makes you high. This compound is the reason behind marijuana’s ban throughout history. Fortunately, you can filter it out and use only the CBD content. THC is like the Nicotine found in cigarettes, and CBD is like vaping, you get the benefits of the product without any harm.

Here, we would like to mention that Hemp is a phenotype of Cannabis, and it is widely adopted by the CBD industry for cultivation and processing. It is the main source of CBD content as this phenotype is tweaked for maximum CBD and least THC content.

The CBD industry processes hemp to separate CBD from THC. This filters out the psychoactive content (Keeping THC at 0.3% to meet legal requirements) responsible for creating the buzzy effect if you ingest it. Therefore, you only enjoy the benefits (which we will talk about later). Now the question is, does this process make CBD legal?

Is CBD Right for Me?


While CBD is safe, its not recommended for everyone!

 There are many misunderstood aspects of CBD, and most people forget that its an active ingredient of marijuana. The problem is, most people believe it’s a wonder drug and works better than everything their doctor suggests.

The reason why Cannabinoid is so popular is because its very well-documented in pop-culture and studied thoroughly in medical facilities. Yes, alone shows up more than 100 results if you search cannabidiol on it.

 All of these studies focus on the possible applications of CBD and search for the adverse effects. According to a WHO report, the conditions that CBD has been assessed for are very diverse. If someone wants to take CBD regularly, we would suggest they consult with their doctor first.


Does CBD Have Side-Effects?

Well, there is nothing much to worry about when it comes to consuming CBD products. Since this is a naturally occurring product, it won’t have any serious side-effect on your body. But, whenever you put something in your body, it has some effect on it. Some people might face some rare issues with it. However, it is rare, and most people don’t face any issues with it. But, in case, if you face such issues after consuming a CBD product, you should contact a professional doctor straightaway.

These things are very rare and don’t happen often. But, to make sure that you don’t face any issues with it, you should take the right amount only. You should never overconsume it. This is something that is in your hands, and you should always keep it in your mind.

Know Before Use

Is CBD Legal?

The legality of Cannabis is a complex subject, so we will keep our focus only on CBD.

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 intended to remove hemp from Schedule 1 Controlled substances and make it an agricultural commodity. This bill was incorporated in the 2018 United States Farm Bill (enacted by 115th States Congress).

Now let’s put this in perspective, Federal law recognizes two forms of Cannabis Sativa, Marijuana and Hemp. The Agriculture Act legalized CBD derived from Hemp as it has no more than 0.3% THC content (Dry weight) while CBD that comes from marijuana is still illegal.  

The Act also introduced regulations that hemp farmers have to respect, meaning even if the CBD has the legal amount of THC but wasn’t grown by a licensed provider who adheres to federal regulation, it’s still considered illegal.

So as long as you are buying CBD products from a company that uses hemp from certified farmers, you have nothing to worry about!

A First-Time Buyer’s Guide

Buying Guide for CBD Products


This is something that you are going to put in your body. So, when it comes to quality, you should be sure that you are buying a high-quality product. You wouldn’t want to have any side-effects because of the low quality of the product. However, there isn’t much to worry about. But you should make sure that its quality is good. To be sure, you should buy pure CBD oil.

Amount of CBD

The product that you are buying will have some quantity of CBD in it. You should make sure that it has the right quantity of it. It shouldn’t be too high. Also, it shouldn’t be too low. It should be in the right range, and this is something that you can check on the label of the product while buying it. This is one of the most important things because if the concentration is too high, it could have some side-effects. Also, if it’s too low, it won’t give you the desired results. So, make sure that you check this thing out before buying it in the market


One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying a CBD product is its usage. You should be clear about what purpose are you going to use it for. This is important because there are different types of CBD products, and all of them have different purposes. Also, not all of them will help you in the same way. So, make sure that you keep the usage of the product in mind before buying it in the market.


There are different types of CBD products. Basically, they vary on the basis of their usage. The most common one is Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil or Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD. As the name suggests, it has a wide range of usage. It will help you in several ways when it comes to your health. That is why Full Spectrum Hemp CBD is the most used kind. Doctors also recommend it for dealing with several health problems.


The price of the product that you are going to buy in the market is also an important factor. You should keep this thing in mind that it is something that you are using to maintain a healthy lifestyle or in some cases, to combat some health issues. If you are using it to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you would need to take it on a regular basis. So, it becomes important to find one that fits in your budget, and you can buy it again and again.

But, you should make sure that you are not compromising on the quality of the product for the money. This is very important because it wouldn’t be good if you get some issues because of the product that you bought at a low price just to save up some money. So, make sure that you keep this factor in mind while choosing the right product.

Well, these are the factors that you should keep in mind while buying a CBD product. You should be sure that what are your needs and choose accordingly. This way, you would be sure that you are buying the right product and won’t suffer in the future. So, before you go to buy CBD online, make sure that you keep these things in mind.

Now that you know about the factors to keep in mind while buying CBD products, there are some things related to the form of taking it that you should be aware of. Let’s have a look at them.

Method of Consuming

There are several methods of consuming CBD products. They are available in the market in different forms, and you can choose the one that suits you most. This is something that depends totally on you. But you should make sure that you are choosing wisely here. Also, you should be aware of the fact that different methods of consumption will have different onset times. Some will work fast, while others may take a bit longer. But, they all work, and you will definitely see results.

You can choose any of the methods because all of them work well and when it comes to getting results, they all will show effects in your body. Also, every method is unique and beneficial in its own way. So, you should choose according to your needs. But, you should make sure that you keep this thing in mind while buying CBD products.

Consult A Doctor

Well, CBD products are good for health, and you don’t need to consult a doctor before buying it. But, if you are buying it to fight with a particular disease or disorder, you should make sure that you are consulting a doctor before bringing one home. This is very important because when it comes to health, it is always good to be double sure.


There are a lot of CBD products available in the market. It is a great thing because it makes it much easier to buy them. But, it becomes an issue when there are way too many products out there. Also, when they come from different brands, it becomes even more tricky. However, this is something that you can easily deal with. You should always go for the product that comes from a well-known brand. This way, you will be sure that you are buying a good quality product and that too from a good brand. So, if you decide to Buy CBD Oil Online, you should make sure that you go with a good brand only.

Sublingual CBD Oils

This is one of the most preferred methods that people usually go for. The best thing about it is that it works really fast when it comes to showing results. However, it will take a few minutes before you will be able to see some results. But, it works faster as compared to the others. Also, it works as a broad spectrum. Broad spectrum Hemp CBD is preferred because it can be used to deal with a number of problems as it has several benefits.

But, you should make sure that you are taking the right dosage. Also, you should make sure that you are keeping the factors that are mentioned above while using this method.

Topical CBD Creams

This method works a little slower as compared to the previously mentioned one. But, the good thing about it is that it has long term effects. It takes some time to absorb in your skin, but once it is absorbed, it stays there for a longer period. If you want to have long term effects, this way is for you. You can go to CBD creams. Yes, it will show effects a bit slower, but they will be uniform.

CBD Edibles

Getting pills of CBD in the market is not the only way to consume it. There are also some convenient ways of consuming it that you can go for. There are candies, lollipops, and many more ways to consume CBD. They have CBD extracts in them, and when you consume these edibles, you will get the benefits of CBD as well. This is one of the most convenient ways to put CBD into your system. Also, it won’t take much longer to show its effects. You will feel it in your system in a few minutes. You can definitely go for this method without having any second thoughts about it because you will have some flexibility with the taste in this case.

Well, these are the most common methods of consuming CBD. You can choose the one that suits you the most. Also, you should keep your requirements in mind while choosing one. This will bring in some flexibility, and you won’t face any issues.

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