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CBD Revives Mission

Our mission is to help people with all-natural, organic CBD solutions as an alternative to traditional medications for potential relief from body aches, pains and other diseases. With CBD infused products we now offer all-natural hemp plant solutions that can be taken to potentially treat a variety of ailments. The rise of CBD as a way to receive the benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects has led us to actively educate the public regarding the potential of utilizing CBD. Allowing for a natural remedy as an alternative to pharmaceuticals with multiple side effects, many people are turning to CBD to provide relief. We are happy to be actively participating in this new and exciting alternative for many people.

Extensive testing, research and customer feedback have allowed us to provide products that are of the highest quality in both effect and flavor. We treat all of our customers with the highest importance and we are thrilled to welcome you to the CBD Revives family.


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Our Story

With our past healthcare experience, we were motivated to help people with solutions that have also helped out our own families. Our journey began as many companies start, with finding a solution to a problem that we personally face. With some of our own family members suffering from diseases like cancer, anxiety and depression, we looked into potential medicinal, natural alternatives to assist with relief for their suffering. After extensive research, CBD came to us as a potential solution, not just for those that we personally know, but for many people in many places in the world with a variety of backgrounds and ailments. Before starting CBD Revives as a business, we began to order products from other companies in order to put our research to the test. After having a positive experience with CBD, we are now offering these products to others in order to experience the benefits that we have also come to understand and love.


The satisfaction we experienced and the relief that we discovered using CBD products helped us as realize the excellent alternative we had discovered and it encouraged us to expand in order to help others out in a similar way as we had been helped by CBD. However, an idea alone is not enough, and integration of a distribution network is a complex task. Legal compliance is a key part of our business and ensuring that all governmental requirements are met are a key part of CBD Revives operations.

Since 2017, we have constantly been looking to improve on the CBD industry by analyzing what other companies are doing right, as well as what they are doing wrong. This constant analysis has helped us grow and improve as we grow, with the hope of one day being the primary provider of CBD products.

Above all, quality of product is the most important factor in the success of CBD Revives. We believe that by finding the best sources of hemp, having extensive testing and highest quality lab verification, we can ensure that not only are our products the best available, but are also consistent and safe for regular use.

Want to learn more about CBD? We are always here to help. Browse our website and you’ll find a variety of resources to educate yourself on CBD. If you don’t feel like reading, feel free to call us and one of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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